Take the First Steps Toward Finding New Clients Online

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Dealmakers

While nothing is more effective than picking up the telephone and calling a prospect, you can do some of your prospecting via social media. It’s a complicated process, involving many different social media platforms and communication techniques, but for now, let’s just talk about your presence on LinkedIn. No other social media platform is more important for commercial real estate brokers.

Let’s go over a few LinkedIn “best practices” for brokers…

First, make sure you have two photos, a professional-looking profile picture and a background picture at top. The background picture should be of high-quality and convey the type of real estate services you provide. Second, include ALL your contact info on your profile. As a broker, you want to make it so easy for people to find you.

Your summary, or what’s known as the “About” section, is critically important, and I’m amazed at how many brokers don’t bother to fill it out. You want to make it appealing, but be sure to write in such a way that shows what kind of value you bring to clients. Here’s an example:

With 20 years’ experience in commercial real estate, I help clients with complex investment sales and acquisitions.

When working with new clients, I study their business goals as well as their properties, buildings and spaces. I keep these goals in mind as I locate opportunities, analyze data and negotiate deals on their behalf.

Growing up in a commercial real estate family, I developed a love for the industry and a passion for helping others meet their real estate goals. My background in property management, asset management and as a property owner has given me unique expertise. Having been in my clients’ shoes, I can offer insight that helps them make sound real estate decisions.

Transaction History:
Over $91 million in recent investment sales.

Recent Sales:
1,800-unit self-storage project – Eagan, MN
298,000 square foot industrial building – Romulus, MI
Starbucks retail building- Bloomington, MN
Walgreen’s retail building–Bloomington, MN
FedEx retail building – Minneapolis, MN
102,000 square foot office building – Minneapolis, MN
Industrial laboratory building – Chicago, IL

I can be reached at (999) 555-8888 or name@email.com

Notice how that example talks about clients and how the broker delivers value. That summary makes you want to call that broker and have them represent you. The concrete information in the summary gives it credibility. Notice the contact info on the last line. That’s important, because LinkedIn only allows first-degree connections to see your contact info. Make it easy for people to reach you. You’ll lose business if it’s too hard to find you.

This is only the beginning of what you need to know in order to find more commercial real estate clients online. If you want to know the rest, I have two options for you:

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