What's this training all about?

DEALMAKERS is a cloud-based sales training membership program that helps commercial real estate brokers attract more clients, complete larger transactions and close deals faster. It makes sales training quick, convenient and cost effective.

How is it structured?

DEALMAKERS is designed to fit seamlessly into your sales meetings whether you meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  DEALMAKERS is designed for group training, but agents can use it individually as well.  While your membership is in effect, you have constant access to all modules and support materials.

How many people can use it?

There’s one membership per office.  All the agents in your office can use it as often as they want.  The only restriction is that only one video can be played at any given time per membership.

How is it different?

DEALMAKERS is created specifically for virtual world.  The material is delivered directly to you in a user-friendly format.  Other CRE training programs sell videos that are shot during live training events and chopped up into little segments.  What’s more, DEALMAKERS is unapologetically 100-percent focused on sales training. We’re more interested in helping brokers attract clients and close deals rather than teaching you how to fill out some purchase agreement template.

How does the program benefit managing brokers?

There’s a critical lack of sales training in commercial real estate.  The industry is famous for hanging new agents out to dry, not because managing brokers don’t care, rather they don’t have time to conduct comprehensive sales training.  DEALMAKERS takes the training burden off the managing broker’s shoulders thus eliminating stress and anxiety.


How much does it cost?

DEALMAKERS is only $99 per month per office.

How do I pay for this?

You simply enter your credit card information and DEALMAKERS will automatically bill you each month.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely!  Click HERE to try one of the DEALMAKERS training modules for free.

Why is it such a good deal?

With DEALMAKERS, you get all a full slate of sales training for a fraction of what live workshops cost.  Unlike a one-day sales workshop, DEALMAKERS allows brokers to constantly develop their skills, because they have access to the content 24 hours a day.


When will I have access?

Immediately upon signing up and entering your payment information. At that point, you can use your login and password to access the material as often as you want as long as your membership is in effect.

How will I have access?

Once you have purchased your account, simply click the login link in the top right corner of the DEALMAKERS website and enter your credentials.

How long will I have access?

You have access to all training modules and support materials as long as your membership is in effect.

How does it work?

What do I get?

DEALMAKERS is available on demand. Each training module includes an instructional video and an accompanying workbook in PDF format.

How do I use it?

We recommend you focus on one module at a time. Print copies of the workbook and distribute to each agent before you watch the video. If you use the program in a group format (i.e. at a sales meeting), the managing broker may want to lead a brief discussion at the end.

How many different ways can I use it?
  • Regularly occurring sales meetings
  • Lunch-and-learns
  • Professional development programs
  • New agent training
  • Helping existing agents “sharpen the saw”
  • In group trainings or privately by individual agents
What training topics are covered?

Topics range from “How to Generate Leads” to “Getting Referrals” to “How to Justify Your Commission.” Click HERE for a list of all topics.

Will the content be updated?
Yes!  DEALMAKERS is a cloud-based membership program, so the content will be updated periodically.

If you want better results, you have to do something different now!

DEALMAKERS is designed to help you:


Get more clients


Earn bigger commisions


Close deals faster

Start your DEALMAKERS commercial real estate sales training subscription today!