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DEALMAKERS is the virtual commercial real estate sales training program designed to help brokers attract more clients, complete larger transactions and close deals faster.

“Dealmakers is the new gold standard in real estate education!”

– Josh Rodstein, executive director, NAI Global, Miami, FL 


DEALMAKERS is specifically designed to make commercial real estate sales training easier and more cost effective.

DEALMAKERS drives results!

Bigger Commissions Require Better Strategies

Success in real estate comes down to confidence.  If you’re a confident agent, you step out of your comfort zone and reach beyond the “low-hanging fruit.”  You’re not afraid to approach top-shelf clients and you’re comfortable representing class-A properties. 

But how do you get confidence? 

It starts with knowledge.  Confidence comes from knowing the tricks and techniques used by top producers. Confidence grows when you know exactly what to say when you call a prospect on the phone.  Confidence flourishes when you know the answer before the client asks the question in the first place.

That’s why DEALMAKERS is so valuable. It’s designed to develop elite agents from the ground up.  DEALMAKERS is razor-focused on the real-life selling skills agents need to be confident, quick-thinking and highly successful. 

“Essential for any commercial real estate company that’s serious about developing top producers and increasing commission revenue.”

– Fred Schmidt, managing partner at Valuation Alliance and former president of Coldwell Banker Commercial, Summit, NJ

What if you could learn advanced skills by spending just 15-20 minutes per week?

Every commercial real estate company needs sales training, but it’s hard to find the time to do it. That’s where DEALMAKERS comes in. DEALMAKERS is a cloud-based, virtual commercial real estate sales training program that makes sales training easier and most cost effective.

DEALMAKERS is designed to fit into your standing sales meetings whether you meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This maximizes agents’ time while improving and developing their skills. It’s also great for individual agent training too!



Language: Specific language designed to overcome CRE objections.


Strategies: Proven strategies for today’s real estate environment.


Insights: Compelling ideas that elevate your team in the marketplace.


Advantage: A strong competitive advantage.


Confidence: Agents who believe in their selling ability.


Plan: A proactive prospecting strategy.


Best Practices: What works at the most successful CRE firms.


Unlimited Access: Constant access to all the modules and support materials.


How to be an effective prospector, develop your own business acumen and build value-laden messages!


Learn traits and characteristics of great prospectors and find the right prospects to target!


Win over gatekeepers by building a trusting relationship and turn them into your advocates.


Learn what to do when a prospective client suddenly goes dark.


How to exceed clients’ expectations by providing outstanding, client-centric value.


Learn how to win new clients from the single most efficient form of prospecting!

Affordable. Affordable. Affordable.

The best part? At ONLY $99 a month, it’s beyond affordable! With DEALMAKERS, you get a full slate of sales training for a fraction of the cost of live, in-person training plus longer-lasting results than a one-time training event.

There’s no time like the present to improve your brokerage skills and build up your client list!

DEALMAKERS is an annual membership, but you only pay $99 per month billed to a credit card on file. It’s one membership per office. You can watch the videos and download the workbook PDFs as often as you want just as long as only one video is being played at any one time.

DEALMAKERS is ideal for:


Regularly occurring sales meetings.


Special training and development programs.


New agent training.


Helping existing agents “sharpen the saw.”


Sparking discussion among your agents about best practices for winning new business and marketing listings.


Creating a higher level of competence and professionalism in your offices.


Individual agent self-guided sales education.




Unlimited access to all the training modules and workbooks that are designed to help brokers attract more clients, complete larger transactions and close deals faster!

Start your DEALMAKERS virtual
sales training program now!


We deliver 35 online learning modules which are jam-packed with how to say things, strategies to leverage and how to create value. Think of DEALMAKERS as an ultra-convenient “plug-in” for your sales meetings!

Each DEALMAKERS module comes with a short video, PDF work booklet and quick exercises to help you better understand the content. We recommend the managing broker provides printed copies of the work booklet before showing each video.

We accomplish all of this in just 15 to 20 minutes per lesson. What’s more, you’ll have 24-hour access to all the modules and support materials, which means individual agents can experience the modules as often as they want as long as your membership is live.

Agents use the exercises to develop new skills, language choices and strategies. After experiencing all the modules, agents will have completed the equivalent of a college course on commercial real estate selling!

Your company may choose to have a group discussion following each module or you may elect to have brokers do exercises individually on their own time.

While DEALMAKERS is technically designed to be part of your company sales meeting, there’s no reason why you can’t use it individually as well. While your membership is in effect, you have constant access to all the modules and support materials. It’s probably best to experience the modules in order, but it’s okay to cherry pick a couple you want to watch separately.

Looking for more information? Check out our “Frequently Asked Questions” page.


There are many options when it comes to commercial real estate training, but DEALMAKERS stands out from the crowd.


DEALMAKERS is created specifically for the virtual world. The material is delivered directly to you in a user-friendly format.

DEALMAKERS is THE hard-core sales training program specifically designed for serious commercial real estate brokers who don’t want anything to stand between them and their commission goals.

DEALMAKERS is a prescriptive program, that straight-up gives you actual examples of real language choices, strategies and insights to find prospects and close more deals. Your agents WILL know what to say and WILL know what to do.

DEALMAKERS is new and fresh!

DEALMAKERS helps agents master selling, the single most important skill a real estate broker can possess. Selling skills separate top brokers from everyone else.

 DEALMAKERS is designed to be an on-going, perpetual form of sales training, which makes the content deeply rooted in agents’ brains.


Other CRE training programs sell videos that are shot during live training events and chopped up into little segments.

Too many CRE training programs are watered down – part real estate technicalities, part investment/lease analysis and part sales training. You don’t learn deeply enough with those programs.

Other programs leave you with a bunch of theory, and frankly, they’re more interested in selling their coaching programs than teaching valuable brokerage skills.

Some CRE training programs are dry and boring and have been around so long, your agents are tired of watching them, plus the audio-visual lacks quality.

Other programs focus more on how to write a lease or measure the size of an office space or retail bay and not on the dedication and discipline it takes to master selling.

Most sales training is a one-and-done experience, meaning agents promptly forget what they learned.


DEALMAKERS has 26 modules, each a different sales-training topic.
Modules include a fast-paced instructional video and a matching workbook in PDF format.

Check out all of our course modules below! Click each heading to view key takeaways.

Module #1 - “Personal branding as prospecting”


  1. You will understand the three key philosophies of personal branding and their relevance to commercial real estate brokerage.
  2. You will have a clear understanding of your “sphere of interest” or “personal target audience.”
  3. You will start becoming a celebrity inside your sphere of interest.
Module #2 - “Personal branding II: "What to talk about”


  1. You will understand how to become highly respected and widely recognized.
  2. You will have your own area of self-marketing expertise.
  3. You will have a value proposition or elevator speech you can use to engage new prospects.
Module #3 - “Goal-Based Networking”


  1. You will be more motivated to network and more comfortable doing it.
  2. You will have a goal in mind each time you go to a networking event, thus increasing the likelihood that any given networking event will lead to new business opportunities.
  3. You will learn how other brokers in your office use networking to obtain new business.
Module #4 - “Virtual Networking”


  1. You will build a robust online presence making it easy for prospective clients to find you.
  2. You will become more noticeable online and easy for prospects to find.
  3. You will strengthen your messaging on LinkedIn, showing the value that you provide clients.
Module #5 - “Why Prospecting Is Harder Today”


  1. You will understand how to beat the rollercoaster ride that characterizes most brokers’ personal business cycles.
  2. You will understand why prospecting is harder now than it was in the past and how to respond to these challenges.
  3. You will get five ideas for succeeding in a difficult prospecting environment.
Module #6 - “Traits & Characteristics of Great Prospectors”


  1. You will learn how procrastination crushes your ability to generate new business and how to lessen your natural tendency to relax.
  2. You will gain a better understanding of the human propensity to fear rejection and manage it in order to prevent it from hurting your performance.
  3. You will understand choices you can make that might earn you a spot among the top 10 percent of brokers.
Module #7 - “Lead Generation: Creative Ways to Find New Prospects”


  1. You will learn several methods for generating new leads.
  2. You will go back to some old, familiar sources to get new lead-generation ideas.
  3. You will understand how to build relationships with decision makers who currently work with other brokers without violating real estate laws and regulations.
Module #8 - “Prospecting Organization & Execution”


  1. You will organize and prioritize your prospecting efforts through time blocking and better prospecting discipline.
  2. You will take what feels like a risk and contact prospects at a different time or a different way than what feels comfortable to you.
  3. You will start researching every prospect before you call him or her.
Module #9 - “Creative & Competitive Prospecting”


  1. You will learn how to build relationships with your competitors’ clients without “going behind the sign.”
  2. You will learn how to set barriers or hurdles between prospective clients and your competitors.
  3. You will gain a better understanding of how to use strategic gifts to win business.
Module #10 - “Subject Matter Expertise & Thought Leadership”


  1. You will understand the circumstances that are forcing real estate brokers to prospect for clients much more creatively than they did in the past.
  2. You will understand how business acumen, thought leadership and subject matter expertise allow you to engage cold prospects who otherwise would have no interest in talking to you.
  3. You will identify sources where you can acquire business information, and more importantly, market intel.
Module #11 - “Engaging Cold Prospects: What Do You Say”


  1. You will appreciate the need for compelling sales insights when contacting prospects especially cold ones.
  2. You will develop a list of internal and external insights you can use to craft prospecting messages.
  3. You will have a clear understanding of the role of insights in prospecting message development.
Module #12 - “The Sales Insight Formula”


  1. You will have a clear understanding of the role of insights in prospecting message development.
  2. You will be aware of what your prospects do and do not care about and will use that information to adjust your prospecting language choices.
  3. You will learn the Sales Insight Formula, which you should follow for the rest of your commercial real estate career in order to form messages you can use to engage cold prospects via email, telephone and voicemail.
Module #13 - “Email-Based Prospecting”


  1. You will understand the difference between marketing and prospecting emails.
  2. You will gain a deeper understanding of how prospecting emails should be structured.
  3. You will know best practices for email language and attention-getting subject lines.
Module #14 - “Telephone and Voicemail Prospecting”


  1. You will learn the components and qualities of effective voicemails.
  2. You will learn the best way to structure prospecting voicemails and where you can get content for those messages.
  3. You will develop actual voicemails you can use in your future prospecting efforts.
Module #15 - “Referrals: The Most Efficient Form of Prospecting”


  1. You will gain an appreciation for the usefulness of referrals in prospecting for real estate clients and overcome any reluctance you might have to ask for them.
  2. You will learn who to ask for referrals and when.
  3. You will be aware of certain norms and expectations of using referrals and communicating with the referral giver.
Module #16 - “What to Do When C-Suite Executives Are Your Prospects”


  1. You will gain an appreciation for prospecting inside large companies.
  2. You will see yourself as a detective, uncovering layers of evidence, when you prospect very large companies.
  3. You will learn how to exploit the traits and characteristics of c-suite executives.
Module #17 - “Winning Over Gatekeepers”


  1. You will have a greater appreciation for the necessary role that gatekeepers play.
  2. You will know what to say to properly engage a gatekeeper.
  3. You will be more confident in your ability to win over a gatekeeper.
Module #18 - “Sales Presentations: Building Your Message on Client Value”


  1. You will start sales presentations by listening instead of talking, thus making it less likely you will make harmful assumptions.
  2. You will gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for what prospects truly value.
  3. Your sales presentations will become more effective, because they will be better structured and personally customized to what prospects value.
Module #19 - “How to Build Trust with Prospects and Clients”


  1. You will be more diligent in your communication look for moments-of-truth you can “pass” to prove your trustworthiness to clients.
  2. You will be able to use social proof as a way to reassure prospective clients that you are a trustworthy broker.
  3. You will have a new sense of urgency, knowing that rapid responsiveness is now equated with trustworthiness.
Module #20 - “How to Avoid RFPs”


  1. Why RFPs are a losing proposition and how to get over your fear of not responding to them.
  2. How to tell a prospect you don’t respond to RFPs unless you are allowed to control the RFP process.
  3. Dealing with Industries in which RFPs are simply part of the culture.
Module #21 - “How to Justify Your Commission”


  1. You will gain a higher level of confidence in your ability to justify your commission or fee.
  2. You will understand what to do during the selling process so that commission discounting is less important to your client.
  3. You will have effective responses to fee objections ready to go at a moment’s notice.
Module #22 - “Overcoming Objections”


  1. You will learn not to panic when you hear an objection, and instead, see it as an opportunity to advance the selling process.
  2. You will learn ways to deal with objections that commonly appear in commercial real estate brokerage.
  3. You will learn best practices for responding to objections.
Module #23 - “What to Do When a Prospect Goes Dark”


  1. You will understand why prospects go dark, and that in many cases, it’s not about you or your property.
  2. You will learn several steps you can take to re-engage the prospect.
  3. You will develop language you can use to bring dormant clients back into the fold.
Module #24 - “Closing Deals”


  1. You will understand why some brokers are hesitant to close and how to overcome such feelings.
  2. You will be able to set up the close by doing things right throughout the selling process.
  3. You will develop language you are comfortable using when it comes to closing time.
Module #25 - “Time Management for Commercial Real Estate Professionals”


  1. You will learn to avoid perfection and over preparation.
  2. You will recognize and become better at avoiding the biggest time wasters.
  3. You will get real techniques that top producers use to maximize their time.
Module #26 - “Sales Detox: What Do You Need to Stop Doing?”


  1. You will learn some of the most problematic, anti-productive habits that many commercial real estate agents unfortunately possess.
  2. You will start a deliberate effort to “declutter” your real estate practice and your personal life.
  3. You will stop making business development harder than necessary by focusing on prospecting language that actually works.
Module #27- “How to avoid losing clients while winning new ones”


  1. You will understand how the concept of “loss aversion” affects your selling psyche.
  2. You will protect your downside by analyzing vulnerabilities in your current client profile.
  3. You will implement a sales differentiation strategy.
Module #28 - “How to Sell to Multiple Decision Makers”


  1. You will recognize the negative consequences when additional decision makers are involved.
  2. You will start to identify alternative decision makers when you first start communicating with a prospective client company.
  3. You will understand the roles employees play at companies and how each role can help or sabotoge your chances of winning new business..
Module #29- “Painting a Picture: Using Stories as Selling Tools”


  1. You will apprciate the utilization value of stories in the brokerage process.
  2. You will will structure stories in a way that maximizes communication impact.
  3. You will discover new stories you can put to use in your selling efforts immediately.
Module #30 - “Qualification: Some Prospects are Too Good to Be True”


  1. You will gain an appreciation for the role and importance of qualification.
  2. You will identify your prospective client qualification profile.
  3. You will eliminate inappropriate prospects quicker and earlier in the dealmaking process.
Module #31- “How to Be more Persuasive”


  1. You will employ the same persuasion skills used by CEOs and executives as you prospect for new clients and attempt to close pending deals.
  2. You will understand the basic principles of persuasive communication.
  3. You will ethically temper your use of these powerful persuasion tools by focusing on what prospects value while building trusting relationships with current clients.
Module #32 - “How to Get More Testimonials”


  1. You will learn how testimonials are a form of “social proof” and why they are valuable selling tools.
  2. You will get a behind-the-scenes look at how top producers obtain testimonials.
  3. You will know how to get the most impactful testimonials possible.
Module #33- “How to Harness the Power of the Media”


  1. You will develop an appreciation for the power of media and how it can make real estate prospecting so much easier.
  2. You will avoid the pitfalls of working with the media.
  3. You will know how to be an expert source or guest for articles, broadcasts and podcasts.
Module #34 - “Active Listening: Are Buyers Really Liars?”


  1. You will appreciate why miscommunications occur between brokers and clients and how to avoid them.
  2. You will enhance your active listening skills.
  3. You will balance your need to listen with your desire to talk.
Module #35- “Brokerage Detective Work: Finding the Real Decision Maker”


  1. You will cut through the fog of confusion that often exists when you are trying to figure out who makes decisions in large organizations.
  2. You will see yourself as a brokerage “detective” who must gather “intel.”
  3. You will improve your ability to identify key influencers early in the process while being wary of false influencers.

If you want better results, you have to do something different now!

DEALMAKERS is designed to help you:


Get more clients


Earn bigger commisions


Close deals faster

Start your DEALMAKERS commercial real estate sales training subscription today!

Who Does the Program Benefit?

DEALMAKERS helps you increase your GCI regardless how long you’ve been in the business!


If you’re an experienced broker, use the program for new ideas or as a way to freshen up your real estate practice.


If you’re a new broker, you should treat this program like a college course. You need to be that serious about developing your selling skills. It’s easy to learn how to write a lease or measure the square footage of a retail bay. It’s much harder to master selling, because it’s an art that requires dedication and discipline.

“Dealmakers helps existing agents improve their skills and new agents ramp up faster!”

Attention Managing Brokers:

DEALMAKERS Will Make Your Life Easier!

You know you need to provide sales training to recruit agents, make agents more successful and prevent agents from leaving for competing firms. DEALMAKERS allows you to do that without having to research topics and prepare presentations yourself.

DEALMAKERS will not only make your agents better at winning new business and closing deals, it will raise the level of professionalism and sophistication in your office.

With a DEALMAKERS membership, you don’t have to bring in expensive speakers from outside the company. You have sales training ready to go anytime you want it.

If you’re like most managing brokers, you’re overwhelmed with too much to do. DEALMAKERS takes a big thing off your plate and hardly charges you anything to do it.

“Jeff Beals has found a way to make sales training COST EFFECTIVE and AVAILABLE ON DEMAND 24-7. His new ‘Dealmakers’ program is HARD-CORE SALES TRAINING specifically designed for the commercial real estate industry. Whether you use it during your sales meetings or as a training tool for individual agents DEALMAKERS IS THE NEW GOLD STANDARD IN REAL ESTATE EDUCATION.”

– Josh Rodstein, executive director, NAI Global, Miami, FL

“I have long had a strong affinity for sales training and leadership development. Jeff Beals shares that view. His new ‘Dealmakers’ virtual sales training program is ESSENTIAL FOR ANY COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE COMPANY that’s serious about DEVELOPING TOP PRODUCERS and INCREASING COMMISSION REVENUE.”

– Fred Schmidt, managing partner at Valuation Alliance and former president of Coldwell Banker Commercial, Summit, NJ

“I have always been a learner, and the best way I know how to learn, is to require myself to teach the content. Therefore, at almost every organization I have been a part of, I have implemented some sort of training. At Clemons Real Estate, I head up our training using Jeff Beals’ Dealmakers course. You HAVE to check it out!”

– Logan Freeman, Clemons Real Estate, Kansas City, MO

About the Instructor

Jeff Beals is an accomplished sales consultant who works with commercial real estate firms around the world, helping brokers generate more commission revenue.  He also actively works in commercial real estate and has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry.

One of Jeff’s purposes in life is to make sales training easier and more accessible for busy brokers who would frankly rather be out selling than sitting through training programs. That is exactly why he created the DEALMAKERS Commercial Real Estate Training Program.

An active member of the National Speakers Association, Jeff delivers nearly a hundred keynote speeches, workshops and webinars each year.  He has spoken in six countries and 41 states.

More than 350 of Jeff’s articles have appeared in various periodicals and he writes the weekly “Sales Shape-Up,” which has more than 18,000 subscribers. A frequent media guest, Jeff has been featured in Investors Business Daily, USA Today, Men’s Health, Chicago Tribune and New York Times.  He is the author of two sales-related books, both of which have won international awards.


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